8 Steps to Looking After Your Watch
8 Steps to Looking After Your Watch

8 Steps to Looking After Your Watch

Looking After Your Watch

Watches are used by many people. Some people even have different collections of watches, especially wristwatches, at home. If you are a watch freak, you probably have wondered how to look after your precious watches. Perhaps, you have thrown away some of your watches because they look old. In this piece, let look at various steps to looking after your watch.

Get the necessary tools

In order to properly look after your watch, you must have on hand various tools for cleaning and maintaining your watch. Some simple and inexpensive tools you will need are: toothbrush, toothpick, soft cloth, soap etc. you will need a brush because if the watch is made of stainless steel or rubber, it requires that to clean it. However, watches made of gold and other metals may need a soft brush to avoid damage. Likewise, toothpick is important to have because dirt may hide in between the line that a brush cannot pick out.

Brush with soap

We are going to assume that your watch is water resistant. So, apply a little soap to the ban of the watch and brush it. Cover the face of the watch and do not let water get into the vital area.

Rinse the watch

Since your watch is a water resistant watch, do not be afraid to apply water. You need to rinse the ban of the watch properly. This will prevent accumulation of the soap in the watch which may damage the accessory. It is better to use clean water to rinse the band. For leather watch, do not apply water directly on it. Rather, get a soft and wet towel to clean the watch allover

Dry it

Having rinsed the watch, it is time to dry it. First use a dry towel to damp it. Or, you may use electric dryer if you have one. Depending on the type of watch, brushing and drying stages should not affect the watch, instead you should expect a shining watch.

Keep in protective case

Your watch will last long if it has its own house (so to say). After you have watched and clean the watch, keep it in the case and cover it. This prevents dust from settling on it.


se regularly

Looking after your watch involves using it regularly. If you do not use the watch as regularly as possible, chances are it will start getting structurally weak. Decay could be noticed on the band in this case. Regular use expands its life span.

Wipe with soft cloth

Do not just drop your watch in the case as soon as you remove it from your wrist. Make a habit of wiping the watch with soft cloth to remove any dust on it before you return it to its case after use.

Repeat all steps

Regularly repeat all the steps outline above to properly maintain your watch. Your precious watch deserve the best you can give it and you will continually have a shining watch.

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